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Plan Forever is a free site with editable planners and calendars that will help you plan your entire life! Yes, if you plan to live to at least 120, start noting those important events in 2100.  You'll find it simple to plan forever!

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Plan Your Entire Life!

Many people live life day to day, week to week or month to month without even planning a year in advance, let alone 5, 10, 20 or 50 years in advance.

With retirement age now at 85 and people living to 115 in many countries around the world, don't you think you should start planning what you'll be doing when you're 100? Even if you're 16 now, that's only 84 years away!

Extreme Forward Planning

And with medical advances suggesting we'll have cures for just about everything by the time we're 100, that means we'll be living until at least 300 or more. So, as there are so many things to do in the 21st century, and probably a lot more to do in the 22nd, use our schedule to plan your life for the next 100 to 500 years!

At least plan the next 10 years!

Okay, I hear you say, what's to stop this site from disappearing in 50 years time when I might need it? Good question. Like everything on the internet, there are no guarantees we'll be here in 20 years, let alone 50, but you only need to do a bit of extreme forward planning for a few hours once or twice in your life, create a simple plan online, then print it. And we'll definitely be here for at least 10 years for you to do that.

What else can I do with your Month, Year and Century Planners?

The past

Well, we haven't forgotten the past. If you want to check the day that your great great grandfather was born on, check out our 18th century calendar. Please note that this is a proleptic Gregorian calendar. That means that you can view days for the past 2014 years but, due to changes to the Gregorian calendar in various countries in the 16th and 18th centuries, it's about 10 to 11 days out! Still, if you love noting dates, you could record all the major inventions or wars or discoveries for the past 200 years and be pretty confident of which day of the week they happened! You can even create your own timeline and link it from your website.

Record notes on any single day for the next 80 centuries!

If you want to check out the calendar for the 100th century, maybe if you wish to note you'll catch a movie on the 20th June 9999, you can click on millennium view and choose a century.

If you're a science fiction writer, you can check the actual day that you wish to set your story thousands of years into the future and use the calendar to plan your epic novel series. Use the century planner to plan your timelines. If you're an astrologer you can record when those important celestial conjunctions will happen. If you're an astronomer you can plan out the next appearances of comets and other important events.

Be Public!

Like making lists? You can set up your own public planner / calendar which you can list important dates on. Perhaps email everyone you know that you've got a 65th birthday planned in August of 2036 and they should bookmark your calendar to remember!

What about that friend who promised to have coffee with you in Germany in 2271 because you both said you'll live to 300. Put that in your calendar! To do this we give you a unique member planner url. When you add events, choose the 'public' option. (It defaults to private.)

Set your life goals

Century view is the most useful free planning tool online today. It's perfect for goal setting. Make a summary of your yearly goals for any century you wish. Imagine being able to know for sure, at a glance, which year your second child will go into college or the year your wife or husband will be 50. Or even the year you think you'll be forced to retire. Knowing what the future has in store will help you better plan for today. You can even print it or save it as a pdf.

Oh, and if you're not interested in planning, you can still check out calendars from now until the year 9999. Find out what day your birthday is on in 2150 here!!!

Only a few clicks will get you to where you need to go. No need to click on next month, next month, next month, etc to get to 2501! Jump there in seconds.

I hope you enjoy using Plan Forever as much as I enjoyed designing it

 - Neil A. Hogan

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If you're using Plan Forever to work out the best days for your adventure to be set in the far future, or you're interested in using it to check for dates and times for your time travel adventure, you might be interested in the science fiction series Alien Dimensions - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series. Find out more here: Alien Dimensions

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